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  • Soccer

    travels to:

    Costa Rica, Curacao, Aruba, Italy, Germany, Austria, Argentina, Peru, Barbados, and Australia

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  • Volleyball

    travels to:

    Costa Rica, Curacao, Aruba, Scotland, Holland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Peru, Barbados, Hungary, Slovenia and Australia

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  • Basketball

    travels to:

    Costa Rica, Curacao, Aruba, Austria, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Bosnia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Spain, Slovenia, Holland, Barbados, and Argentina

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  • Baseball

    travels to:

    Holland, Czech Republic, Austria, Spain, Belgium, France, Italy, Aruba, Curacao, Argentina, and Australia

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  • Golf

    travels to:

    Australia, Barbados, Curacao, England, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, South Africa

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  • Lacrosse

    travels to:

    The Netherlands, Scotland, Slovenia, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, and Australia

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  • Cheerleading

    travels to:

    The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Austria, Scotland, and Australia

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  • Softball

    travels to:

    Holland, Czech Republic, Austria, Spain, Belgium, France, Italy, Aruba, Curacao, Argentina, Peru, and Australia

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  • Field Hockey

    travels to:

    Czech Republic, Spain, Barbados, Argentina, and Australia

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    Field Hockey
  • Other

    travels to:

    Holland, Czech Republic, Austria, Spain, Belgium, France, Italy, Aruba, Curacao, Argentina, Barbados, Costa Rica, and Australia

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  • "I have been on several trips and I cannot express the excitement and experience of the athletes."
  • "I was the Head Coach of the USA Athletes International team that competed in the Down Under Cup in Melbourne, Australia... It was the best two weeks of my life!"
  • "I have used my USAAI experience for my college essay because it has changed the way I view the world."
  • "I also want to let you know that I feel privileged to have made two trips with you, both of them were spectacular and left with me many memorable moments to look back on someday."
  • "It is truly organizations like yours that build not only the youth of America but around the world."

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Have you just received your USAAI Official Invitation email? Wondering what do you do now?

Since 1992, USA Athletes International (USAAI) has been a global leader in educational/sports tours. Providing recommended student-athletes with the opportunity to participate in the sport they love on the international stage and providing them with cultural opportunities that will allow them to learn about the location at the same time. So many people will ask, “Is this trip all about the sport? Or is it about the travel?” Well the easy answer is NO, it not all about the sport, and NO it is not all about the travel. The best answer is, “A USAAI tour is an educational opportunity facilitated by an athletic event!”

We invite you to thoroughly review the Official Invitation you have received with your family. And give us a call to ask any questions that you may have about the tour, the coaches for the tour, or USAAI (because of privacy concerns we will not be able to tell you about other invitees for the tour, just as we would not reveal your information to anyone else). USAAI follows all NCAA/NAIA/NJCAA regulations concerning foreign tours, so your present or future eligibility will not be in any danger. As a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, you are able to fund raise to make this opportunity possible and not violate any eligibility regulations of any governing body!

We also invite you to take a look at our Facebook Fan Page ( so you can see the fun and exciting things that happen on a USAAI tour. “LIKE” our page while you are there and get updates on new USAAI trips, coaches, sports and traveler that have accepted their opportunity of a lifetime. A USAAI tour is a great resume addition along with being an experience you will never forget. Give us a call and ask how you can be a part of the trip of a lifetime!

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USA Athletes International, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving amateur athletes and coaches the opportunity to participate in international Olympic-style sporting events throughout the world, while also allowing them to broaden their educational and cultural knowledge of the world through the experience.

With over 20 years experience of international sports tournament travel, we have experienced much growth and built a brand to be proud of. What started with one baseball team has grown to over 60 annual tours. We currently are represented with over 900 athletes in 7 sports that travel around the world to over 14 countries.

The 2018 travel season is quickly approaching! Have you obtained your passport yet?

USAAI is pleased to announce a new partnership with to allow you to obtain all of your travel documents in one secure processing portal.

Passport Processing Portal

Passports are required for all American citizens traveling outside of the United States. If you do not already have a passport, you should apply for one as soon as you register for the team. It typically takes 6-8 weeks for you to receive your passport once it has been applied for, but can take 12-18 weeks! This is, however, by no means a guarantee, so the sooner you apply the better. Normal and even expedited services offered through the USPS do not provide any guarantees in their processing times. can make sure your international travel plans are not derailed before they begin!

USA Athletes International has partnered with to assist our athletes in securing their passport for their trip of a lifetime with USAAI. is one of the world’s most respected agencies for fulfilling all of your travel document needs! The USAAI staff uses to secure the passports for our staff! Let the friendly staff walk you through the process. Whether you need your passport in 3 days or 3 months, can deliver! Each use of results in a donation being made to the USAAI General Scholarship fund, helping make dreams come true for student-athletes around the country! and USAAI are working together to make your dreams come true!

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It is very possible that you have never heard of USA Athletes International. It may seem strange to you, but it is normal for us. In fact, it is the way we chose to operate. USAAI does not advertise. Because we select our athletes based on the recommendations of coaches,

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