■The cost-trip value ratio was very good. I don't know if you could ever get a deal like that and I also like the fact that meals are pre-paid for us. It made the trip more enjoyable because you didn't have to worry about where to eat or paying for everything.I also liked that we got our own free time. It was the independence that made the trip enjoyable as well. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I wish I had words to explain to you what it meant to me as a person. Thank you
■This was an experience of a life-time! I made so many unforgettable memories and met some people that will stay in my heart forever. I may never get to see them again but I will definitely remember them and all the memories I made with them. It felt great to wear the "red, white, and blue" and represent my country, the USA, while doing what I love most-play basketball- at the same time.
■Traveling with USAAI Athletes was an amazing experience. Never in my life did I imagine getting an opportunity such as playing in Ireland. The trip opened my eyes to a different culture; a different view on life. The players and coach were all phenomenal people as well as being very good at what they came there to do; coach and play basketball. Ireland was a beautiful country and anyone that is even tempted a little to go on a trip with USAAI, trust me, that temptation will be fulfilled completely. I went with the sole intention to play basketball and I came home with seven new friends from around the country and a story that I will continue to tell for the rest of my life! Life-changing experience.--Lyndsey S.


■"It's not about trying to fit in with their world, it's about learning to respect the difference in cultures and taking in every possible moment because the memories created will last a lifetime." - Megan F.
■Participating in the 2010 USAAI Italian Challenge was an indescribable experience. Not only being able to play basketball, but to really experience the culture at each of the locations we went to. I was so lucky to have two terrific coaches and great teammates. I have been home now for about two weeks, and we are all staying in close touch. I think this will be a lasting memory and experience, plus I now have new friends for life. I would recommend this trip for anyone wanting a life changing experience. Tony J.
■I really enjoyed the trip and wanted to stay longer. Every opportunity you get to go out and see the sights, take it. I went out and saw everything I could and loved it. I met many people at the games, some I have stayed in touch with. I loved my trip to Europe, and would love to go on another. Rainy R.
■The trip is a great way to step into new experiences, not only through the visitation of new countries but through meeting students like yourself from all over the world. Amanda R.


■This was the best trip I have ever taken. I know when you first get the packet and see how much the trip will cost its a little discouraging but please, please don't be. USAAI will help you fundraise and answer all the questions that will come to mind. This experience by far cannot be placed with a price, the things you will do, see, experience and hotels you stay in are far beyond words can explain. If you get chosen for a trip, GO! trust me it is the experience of a lifetime and something you will never forget. - Courtney C. Washington Adventist University
■This trip such was such a great experience, one of the best times of my life. I got to visit a beautiful country while making new friends for life, all while playing the sport I love! Erin L.


■The experience of not only traveling to another country but playing the sport I love (baseball) was exceptional as a part of USAAI. The trip cost was definitely worth the value of the trip and the experience. The food that USAAI provided us was exceptional and well over my expectations. The tours give you a good feel of the culture while still leaving you plenty of time to explore on your own. My overall experience as a USA athlete through USAAI was amazing and I plan on doing it again next year. -Anthony S.
■The experience in Aruba was absolutely amazing. The food and people as well as the island were incredible. I had a great time there. Brendan M.
■I had a wonderful and amazing time in Aruba, it was one of the best vacation/sporting events that I had ever been a part of. Nick L.


■I loved this trip to Spain and would love to go again. I wanted to have a good tour or the cities but also try and meet some coaches from over there. There were plenty of opportunities to meet coaches and were willing to help you get back to Europe to play basketball after college. Rachel B.
■"The opportunity to represent myself, my school, and the USA through competition was undoubtedly one of the best memories I will ever have. The experience was truly a once in a lifetime chance and I am honored to have been among those selected." Nikki A.
■Traveling to Spain was the trip of a lifetime! I was very satisfied with the basketball and people we played were very grateful for the chance to play us which made it all the more fun! The food was great and the people were very friendly. Some times the only word out of a sentence we understood when the Spanish were speaking was FACEBOOK! I will never forget my teammates that became friends and the Spanish friends I made. Debra J.


■The trip with USAAI was a fantastic combination of sport and travel. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to see a beautiful part of the world and meet amazing athletes from around the country. I had a wonderful time - I wish the trip could have lasted even longer! Carly M.


■This trip is something I will never forget. Having the opportunity to play basketball and travel the world is a once in a lifetime experience. Jeff W.


■"The experience was excellent, it was like attending the greatest soccer tournament ever, mixed with a wonderful tour of Europe." Tracy E.
■"A wonderful opportunity to travel and play other countries." Maia C.
■USAAI and provided us with great service. Our travel was well planned by USAAI. Thanks to our USAAI tour operator, Corinna, our days consisted of a perfect mix of tours and relaxation. We came home with great memories which will last a lifetime. Thank you, Brad H.


■USAAI did a great job making this trip everything I could have imagined! At every point in the trip process--from the preparation to the return flight home--they were one step ahead so that everything went smoothly. I would love to travel with USAAI again. -Aaron H. SOVT MEN
■"USA Athletes International hit the spot with the Scotland Tour. Not only will you experience the country the way the locals do, you are able to meet people who will become your friends for a lifetime. The ability to represent the U.S. and meet your teammates is an invaluable experience that will be sure to change your life." -Josh P.


■These trips have been so fun every year! The softball is great, and the tours are AMAZING. All four years I have participated have been the best experiences and they are experiences that I will keep with me forever! -Andrea S.


■This is an experience that I will cherish forever. It is by far the best trip I've ever been a part of. I can't wait to travel with USAAI again.
■Going into the trip I didn't really know what to expect. I was nervous about the people that I would meet and this was the first time I travelled out of the country by myself. This trip exceeded my expectations. Right when we met at the airport our group clicked. It was so much fun meeting people from all over the US. Once we got to Scotland there were pictures to take everywhere you look, it was BEAUTIFUL. Best of all was our ambassador Hans. He was so funny and outgoing that he made everyone at ease while in Scotland. This was seriously a once in a lifetime trip and if you are having any doubts about taking this trip I say put them aside and GO FOR IT. Going on the trip was one of the best decisions I made in my life!


■Great experience. I couldn't have planned it any better. The trip was fun, but the people you travel with make it all the better. Some of us are actually planning another trip to meet up together! If presented with this opportunity, take it without even thinking! I have already told all my friends and teammates to take this opportunity!


■"Make a good connection with your teammates and coaches as soon as you meet them. Having a connection with your teammates and coaches makes the trip a lot more memorable." - Alexandra A.


■This was my second trip with USAAI and both were extremely fun. It was definitely the experience of a lifetime that I would recommend to anyone. It's awesome to get to know the other Americans as well as the native people of the different counties. These trips led me to friends and memories that I will never forget. -Kylie S.


■My name is Kim Lewis and I participated in the Greek Islands Tour. My experience was amazing. The tour was very interesting. There was never a dull moment. We visited many beautiful sites and structures. We also ate at wonderful restaurants that we will never get to experience in America. The competition was intense. Even though we won all of our games, it took a lot of hard work to complete our goal. I bonded with all of my teammates and now we are practically family. I would love to go on another tour to experience different cultures and meet new people.
■"My USAAI trip gave me the opportunity to see the sport of basketball through a different countries perspective, experience a new culture, and meet great people and friends in the process." Emily J.


■This is the second time I have traveled with this organization and it was better than the first time. You never expect to make what it seems to be lifelong friends only after ten days. I am looking to play professionally and this was a great way to play and sightsee all at once. I hope to be able to travel at least one more time with USAAI because you'll never again get to play your sport and see these places, along with the friends you make, ever again. Enjoy it because you'll never forget it. -Tara F.

Irish Roots

“This was a trip that allowed us to meet other division III basketball players from around the country and participate in the game that we share in common. Players ranged from California, New York, Chicago, New Jersey, and New Hampshire. It was with this common love for the game that we traveled to Ireland and not only played basketball but experienced the culture and history of such a magnificent country.”

“It was in three major cities that we participated in competition. In Cork we played against the Neptune lions and a local team. It was in Limerick we played against limerick lions and another local team; and finally it was in Dublin that we encountered the University of Dublin College, Tolka Rover, and the Killester Club. There were nine members on the team and MCLA was represented with two. From the tours during the day we were able to experience the culture of this magnificent country. Some of these places included the famous cliffs of Moher we are known to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It was a view that cannot be described in words. Another tourist destination that was a great place to attend was the blarney stone castle, Trinity College, and Phoenix Park as well as the tour of the streets of all three cities Dublin, Cork, and Limerick. Overall it was a trip that is hard to describe anything less than amazing. The hospitality was great and the teammates that we meet at JFK airport have now became friends that shared a trip of the lifetime.” —Patrick R.

“I knew going into the trip that I could look forward to a great experience in a foreign country while playing basketball at the same time--a great opportunity for travel and competition--and also figured I would meet new people and build friendships along the way. I never imagined the experience would be as memorable and powerful as it turned out to be. The group of athletes on our trip was a special group that got along exceptionally well, and after spending 10 full days with one another it was really hard to say goodbye. I made friends on that trip that will be friends for life.”

“The trip to Ireland with USAAI was the trip of a lifetime. It was the greatest trip I've ever been on. I have made some great friends and the basketball was awesome. It was an awesome chance to play basketball but it became so much more then that. I met people that will be in my life forever. The tour guide really made the trip exciting. He made everyone feel comfortable. I had an incredible time. I plan on going on another trip soon. I would recommend traveling with USAAI to anyone. It was an experience I will never forget. I'm so glad I got to be apart of the Irish Roots Tour 2009!” —Lauren S.

“This was a trip of a lifetime! I never thought I would have the opportunity to play for my country overseas, but when I received this invitation I knew it was something that I could not pass up! Not only was I able to play the sport I love, but I was also able to see a country I had never seen before and meet a great group of people who I now call friends.” —Michelle R.

“The USAAI experience was unbelievable. I was able to meet new people who I will remain in contact with for the rest of my life. I learned the game of basketball better by playing with different people in a different atmosphere. Everything about the trip was amazing from waking up early to go sightseeing to traveling all over Ireland to play basketball. The people were amazing and the country was amazing. This was by far the most amazing experience of my life and if I could do it all over again I would.”

United World Games

“Traveling with USAAI and participating in the United World Games was an experience I will never forget. Not only was I able to visit countries and partake in their cultures, I was also given the opportunity to play the sport I love and make new friends doing it. I would definitly recommend this experience.” —Natalie G.

“I really enjoyed my trip. My team and I really made the best of it and I wouldn't have changed anything. It was fun and I enjoyed all the tours and sights we saw.”

“I was so excited when I received the invitation in the mail. I then had to convince my parents to let me go and that didn't take much to do they were all for this opportunity. Raising the money was a lot of work, but I learned alot through this process. Like how much organization it takes to put something together. The trip it self was amazing! Being in the Opening Ceremony Parade was something I will never forget. I couldn't believe all the diffrent countries that were represented. I would definately do it all over again. Thanks USAAI.” —Kelsey B.

Scottish Open - Volleyball

“I had never travelled outside of the US until I was invited to play volleyball in Scotland through USAAI. My experience there has opened my eyes to all the world has to offer. I was exposed to an entirely different culture, which turned out to be a life changing experience and incredible opportunity of self-growth. Not only will I be traveling with USAAI again next summer, I will now make world travels an intimate part of my life.”

“Ashley Ellingson My USAAI experience was awesome! USAAI gives student-athletes an opportunity to travel abroad who may not have traveled abroad before. It was a great balance of seeing different sights and learning about Scotland and also playing in a different country. I felt honored to be apart of this team. I can't put into words the wonderful experience I had. It is so hard to explain the experience that I had. I am very grateful for the opportunity and will remember it forever!”

“Traveling with USAAI was an experience I will never forget. I was able to make new friends and play volleyball internationally while touring the country. It was a remarkable experience that I'm very fortunate to have had.” —Emily M.

“If you like meeting new people and experiencing a new culture, then I would definitely recommend taking part in one of these trips. These memories will last a lifetime and so will the friends. It is something you will never forget, even going on only one trip, you will remember it forever.” —Michelle M.

“I love this trip. I would love to go again.”

“The tournament is not that hard, but doesnt matter, it was fun and we met a lot of great people...do it more for traveling than volleyball and take advantage of everything”

“The trip was an amazing experience, which I will probably never forget. It was really easy to get along with everyone on the trip and the sights were incredible. I am so glad that I took this opportunity. It was really neat going to another country and experience the culture that is unlike the one we are used to. This was definitely one of the best trip I have ever gone on.”